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Geeetech 3d Printers

Looking for a 3d printer that can support 5 filament extrusions? look no further than the geeetech prusa i3 reprap 3d printer. This printer is perfect for diy kit builders looking for something to print with.

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The geeetech 3d printers are perfect for 3d printing! With our triple extruders 3d printerm 3 in 1 mix-color a10t filament detector, you can easily find what type of 3d printer you need to produce with. Plus, the detectors help you get 3d printing results that are accurate to within a single off set.
the geeetech 3d printers are a great choice for anyone looking for a 3d printer that will can produce large 3d models with ease. This modelable 3d printer prints at 320320420mm which makes it perfect for creating dual extrusion printers. With its silent printing feature, this printer can also create models that are very smooth and another level of performance for your 3d printing business.
this is a geeetech 3d printer mix-color 3 in 1 out gt2560 4. 0v board lcd 12864 screen. It has a mix of colors to choose from. The printer prints results in just a few minutes on average using a 4.